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About WPForms Pro v1.7.9.1 Nulled WordPress Forms Plugin.

WPForms Pro v1.7.9.1 Plugin is the top-level Drag & Drop best WordPress Forms Plugin. Get Here are the features that make WPForms Pro Download, the most powerful and user-friendly top WordPress form builder plugin in the market.

WPForms Pro plugin is one best for form creation. the pro version active more features and you can create any type of form. [WPForms Pro free download] [WPForms Pro nulled]

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WPForms Pro free download

WPForms Pro free download

All features: WPForms WordPress Plugin.

  1. Drag & Drop Form Builder
  2. Form Templates
  3. Mobile Friendly and Responsive
  4. Smart Conditional Logic
  5. Instant Notifications
  6. Entry Management
  7. Spam Protection
  8. File Uploads
  9. Multi-Page Forms
  10. Stripe Addon
  11. Easily collect payments
  12. Constant Contact Integration
  13. GetResponse Addon
  14. Drip Addon
  15. HubSpot Addon
  16. Mailchimp Addon
  17. Zapier Addon
  18. Google Sheets Addon
  19. Save and Resume Addon
  20. Form Pages Addon much more…!

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WPForms Pro free download
WPForms Pro free download

WPForms Pro v1.7.9.1 Plugin Drag & Drop Form Builder Plugin Changelog.

  • Added all antispam protection settings grouped in one place in the form builder settings
  • changed recently added form templates are now available in the new templates category
  • changed nonresponsive desktop version of the form builder is not accessible on mobile devices
  • fixed jquery deprecation notices were triggered in the browser’s console
  • fixed close button in dropdowns was displayed incorrectly in certain places
  • fixed a PHP warning that was raised on certain site configurations when the
  • fixed toggle control animation was working incorrectly in certain cases
  • the fixed text was overlapping the down arrow on dropdowns in the 2021 theme
  • fixed wp forms challenge user experience was improved
  • fixed smart tag list was too big in fields with warnings
  • fixed some input masks caused the text in the text field to be right-aligned
  • fixed compatibility with the 2023 theme was improved
  • added there is a new filter wpformsbuilderpanelsidebarsectionclasses
  • changed updated do purify library to 240
  • fixed placeholder text in the dropdown field was cut off in the form builder
  • fixed the form builder had inconsistent text string escaping
  • fixed the information about no form templates to display
  • fixed very long field labels that were not wrapped
  • added all templates are now available on our new form
  • added form templates can now be marked as favorites
  • added the form fields column can now be collapsed in
  • changed the DB tables row in the site health info section
  • fixed wp forms challenge was displayed after a forms search with no result
  • fixed forms challenge disappeared after selecting a template for the new form
  • fixed after a form submission a PHP warning was generated in some cases
  • fixed using allow denying list was breaking input mask validation for all
  • fixed an unusually long text string in the confirmation message caused
  • fixed page title smart tag was working inconsistently on a form preview page
  • fixed from email address check in the form builder notifications
  • fixed input mask validation message didn’t use what was previously
  • fixed on the form builder a template selection didn’t work if a page
  • added form submissions can now be checked against the Akismet API to prevent spam
  • changed empty post titles and term names in dynamic choices are now treated
  • changed modern dropdown field fuzzy search sensitivity is adjusted to display
  • changed to allow typing choices in the modern dropdown field with the multiple
  • changed wp forms challenge experience is improved for new users
  • changed lite connect is now disabled in nonproduction environments
  • changed lite connect functionality improves handling of staging
  • changed unnecessary PHP packages are no longer shipped in wp forms lite
  • changed wp forms now better integrate with the wp mail SMTP plugin
  • changed from notifications now have better validation from email settings
  • changed updated do purify library [download free WPForms Pro]
  • fixed improved compatibility with twenty twenty-two theme
  • fixed added meaningful alt text to form submission spinner image
  • fixed constant contact authorization code and account nickname
  • fixed constant contact connection can now be added even
  • fixed validation of required fields on the marketing section
  • fixed action scheduler was triggering a PHP fatal error
  • fixed images breaking out of containers on smaller screens
  • fixed query var smart tag was not working in confirmations
  • fixed custom templates had an incorrect badge addon instead
  • fixed the confirmation message label overlapped the editor when WYSIWYG
  • fixed default form title was not changed when switching form templates
  • fixed both page title and smart tags that were returning incorrect values
  • fixed wp forms block preview, (Download free WPForms Pro Plugins)
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WPForms Pro v1.7.9.1 +Addons, Drag & Drop WordPress Forms Plugin Free Download Here.


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