Free – WooLentor Pro v2.0.4 WooCommerce, Elementor Builder

About WooLentor Pro v2.0.4 Plugin WooCommerce Page Builder Elementor Addon [activated]

Beast Elementor Addon – WooLentor Pro  v2.0.4 Plugin. is a WooCommerce Page Builder Addon for Elementor Page Builder. WooCommerce Builder is included in this plugin to build custom product pages and archive pages.[woolentor pro nulled]

Change the boring design of default WooCommerce pages and bring a new look to your store by creating custom templates using WooLentor’s powerful widgets.

If you have an eCommerce site using woocommerce. WooLentor enables you to design custom templates for the product details page. You can either use the template throughout the whole website or for a particular page only.

Woo Builder (Elementor WooCommerce Builder), Product Comparison or Product Comparison Table, WooCommerce Order Notifications, Woocommerce Slider Addon, Recently Viewed Tempt Product Widget,

Sold Count, Woocommerce Variation Swatch Module (as an extension), Custom Product Collection Builder, Woocommerce Product Quick View, Out of Stock Label Customization, Product Sold Count, Flash Sale Countdown, Wish list, etc. [WooLentor Pro v2.0.4 Plugin Nulled]

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WooLentor Pro free download
WooLentor Pro free download

Sale Page: WooLentor Pro Plugins.

All Features: WooLentor Pro v2.0.3 Plugin, WooCommerce Page Builder Elementor Addon activated.

  1. Add Call for Price and Suggest Price Option
  2. Add Product Filters to Your WooCommerce Store
  3. Add QR Code to Your Product Pages
  4. Add Special Day Offer Banner
  5. Add Stock Progress Bar for WooCommerce Product
  6. Add Video in WooCommerce Product Gallery
  7. Available Widgets
  8. How to add WooCommerce Multistep Checkout using WooLentor [NEW]
  9. Rename Label for WooCommerce pages and Licensing Option for Pro Version
  10. Use Universal Product Grid Layouts
  11. WooCommerce Page Builder
  12. Horizontal / Vertical Filter
  13. Individual Archive Page Builder
  14. Sales Notification
  15. Call for Price
  16. Suggest Price
  17. Special Day Offer
  18. Checkout Page Customization
  19. Premium WooCommerce Themes
  20. Sales Countdown Timer
  21. Product QR Code
  22. Sticky Add to Cart
  23. AJAX Product Search
  24. Rename Label
  25. Stock Progress Bar
  26. Template Library
  27. Enable / Disable Product Gallery
  28. Action Buttons in Different Positions
  29. Unlimited Color and Font Variations.
  30. 15 Product Custom Template Layouts
  31. WooCommerce Featured, Recent, Best Selling, On Sale, Top Rated, Category Wise products slider / Tab.
  32. Slider Control Options
  33. 42 product styles.
  34. Cart, Checkout, My Account, Registration Page Builder.
  35. WooCommerce Template Builder
  36. Product Grid in a Tab option.
  37. Individual and Default Archive Template Builder.
  38. 41 Elements Sale / Discount Schedule Counter.

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WooLentor Pro free download
WooLentor Pro free download

WooLentor Pro Plugin WooCommerce Page Builder Elementor Addon activated [Changelog]

  • Added Ordering option in Category grid List addons
  • Improved No limit to showcase products using category grid addon
  • Improved The functionality of Gutenberg blocks
  • Improved View prebuilt templates in a popup
  • Solved the Latest Product showing issue in Archive default addon
  • Solved Sample data showing issue in Elementor editor mode
  • Solved Style rendering issue of the Add to cart button
  • Solved Block Shortcode rendering issue in the template content
  • Compatibility with the German Market Plugin
  • Compatibility with the latest WooCommerce version
  • Improved: Specific page-wise blocks register.
  • Compatibility with the latest WordPress version.
  • Compatibility with the latest WooCommerce version.
  • Added: My Account page builder for Gutenberg. (Pro)
  • Added: 12 Gutenberg blocks for My Account page builder. (Pro)
  • Added: My Account login/register page builder for Gutenberg. (Pro)
  • Added: My Account individual page builder (Dashboard, Orders, Downloads, Account Address, Account
  • Details, Lost Password, Reset Password) for Gutenberg. (Pro)
  • Added: Thank you page builder for Gutenberg. (Pro)
  • Added : 3 Gutenberg blocks for Thank you, page builder. (Pro)
  • Solved: Coupon code applies issue for new checkout page addon. (Pro)
  • Added: Alignment Option add in Product rating addon.
  • Added: Font Size and dimension control option for Add to cart action buttons.
  • Added: Product data tab menu area style option in Product data tab addon.
  • Added: Margin and Padding option in Product description addon.
  • Solved: Unnecessary content showing issue in Shopify style checkout footer for flat some theme.
  • Solved: FOUC Issue in all carousels.
  • Compatibility with the latest WooCommerce version.
  • Compatibility with the latest WordPress version.
  • Added: Cart Page Builder for Gutenberg.
  • Added: 4 Gutenberg blocks for the Cart page.
  • Solved: Stock status switch issue solved in Product Filter add-on.
  • Solved: Thank order message change issue in thank you order
  • Solved: Size Chart Showing issue.
  • Tweak The compatibility of the Variation Swatches module with the Astra theme.
  • Compatibility with the latest WooCommerce version.
  • Compatibility with the latest WordPress version.
  • Added: Options to show Phone Number and Company fields in the Shopify Style Checkout module.
  • Added: Variation Swatches Module.
  • Added: Options to control the Quantity field and 4 layouts for the Add to Cart button.
  • Added: Gutenberg blocks for the Shop, Archive, and Product pages.
  • Tweak The compatibility of the Shopify Style Checkout module with WooFunnels’ Order Bump feature.
  • Solved: A display issue with the share button when no products are available to compare.
  • Added: The ability to set the Same Height Box in custom widgets like Upsell, Cross-sell, and Related Products.
  • Added: Support to display the Checkout page fields in three columns.
  • Added: Zoom and Lightbox Gallery options to the Advanced Product Image widget.
  • Solved: An issue with the Field Manager module when displaying custom data on the Checkout Order page.
  • Solved: A styling issue with the Quantity Field widget when used with the Flatsome theme.
  • Solved: Wrapper spacing issue in the Email Customizer module
  • Added: Support to display currency position with space in filter widgets.
  • Added: Style option in wishlist table addon.
  • Tweak: Wishlist and Compare menu position change.
  • Solved: Shopify style checkout module compatibility with WooLentor Pro checkout field manager module.
  • Solved: Tab labels change issue on Shopify Style Checkout page.
  • Solved: Repeater item adding issue in the module setting.
  • Solved: PHP Warning issue, if WooLentor Pro is deactivated from FTP / cPanel.
  • Solved: Wishlist counter PHP warning.
  • Solved: Client says color change issue in WL Testimonial Widget.
  • Tweak: Elementor Dependency Notice added in Template Builder.
  • Solved: Module setting reset problem with switcher element.
  • Solved: Shipping Method showing issue in Shopify Style Checkout page.
  • Added: Module Settings Reset button.
  • Compatibility: With the Latest WordPress Version.
  • Improved: Dashboard Elements Panel UI.
  • Tweak: jQuery UI library has been removed from the template library.
  • Tweak: Pending product has been excluded from the AJAX search module.
  • Solved: Unnecessary Content showing issue on Shopify Style Checkout page.
  • Solved: Wishlist Icon Overlapping issue, if icon position is set Top On Image.
  • Solved: iframe dimension issue in Product Video gallery addon.
  • Solved: Compatibility with BuddyBoos Theme.
  • Solved: Product showing issue with product filter addon in category page.
  • Solved: Video thumbnails overlapping issue in Video Gallery Addon.
  • Compatibility With the latest WooCommerce version.
  • Added: Add to cart button style option in Wishlist table.
  • Solved: Wishlist Button icon show server permission issue.
  • Solved: Wishlist table heading showing issue in the mobile device.
  • Solved: Compare Button icon shows a server permission issue.
  • Solved: Compatibility with FiboSearch plugin.
  • Solved: Action Button Line Height issue in Univarsel Layout Addon.
  • Added: Quantity Field Hide option in WL: Add to cart button.
  • Solved: Undefine offset Issue in Gutenberg blocks style.
  • Solved: Currency symbol position issue in product filter addon.
  • Solved: Compatibility With Lumise Product Designer.
  • Added: Category Dropdown Field in ajax search form.
  • Solved: Product showing issue with custom pagination.
  • Solved: Product right space issue in archive default addon.
  • Added: Recently Viewed Products addon.
  • Solved: Product Column set issue in archive custom addon.
  • Solved: Wishlist counters fatal error.
  • Solved: Horizontal product filter Alignment issue for a mobile device.
  • Solved: Event showing issue in WL: Product Flash Sale addon.
  • Solved: Phone Number validation issue in Shopify style checkout Module.
  • Solved: Add to cart button text showing issue in Product Accordion addon.
  • Tweak: Removed register_widget_type and widgets_registered deprecated method.
  • Added: Product SKU addon.
  • Added: Product tags addon.
  • Added: Product Categories addon.
  • Added: Archive Result Count addon.
  • Added: Archive Catalog Ordering addon.
  • Added: Hide cart and shipping step option in Shopify style checkout module.
  • Added: Buttons and step label change option in the Shopify style checkout module.
  • Solved: Product limit set option in product tab addon.
  • Solved: Product filter-wise product showing issue in archive default addon.
  • Solved: Ratting showing issue if Inline Font Icons is enabled.
  • Added: Spinner in Shopify style checkout page.
  • Solved: Warning issue in Archive-title addon.
  • Solved: Default address field select style issue in Shopify style checkout page.
  • Added: Archive-title addon.
  • Added: Breadcrumbs addon.
  • Solved: Product curvy style issue.
  • Solved: Multiple Add to cart button issues in the universal layout.
  • Solved: Single product style issue for Blocksy and Woostify theme.
  • Solved: Shopify style checkout page conflict issue with the redux template.
  • Solved: Wishlist and compare dashboard menu syntax issue.
  • Solved: Template library showing the issue.
  • Solved: Sale Notification style issue in Shopify style checkout page.
  • Added: Wishlist Counter addon.
  • Added: Out-of-stock badge color option in Universal layout add-ons.
  • Fixed: Checkout page shipping calculates issue in Shopify style checkout page.
  • Fixed: Extra li element generate issue in Shopify style checkout page.
  • Fixed: Solved a title styling issue in the default Archive addon for the OceanWP theme.
  • Added: Backorder Module.
  • Fixed: Print notices issue in editor mode.
  • Added: Wishlist and compare module.
  • Added: Flash Sale Addon.
  • Solved: Shopify style checkout page shipping method empty message issue.
  • Solved: Repeater field select2 style.

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WooLentor Pro v2.0.4 Plugin WooCommerce Page Builder Elementor Addon activated Free Download Here.


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