GPL-Unlimited Elements for Elementor Premium: v1.5.50 Free!

About Unlimited Elements for Elementor Premium v1.5.50 Plugins.

Unlimited Elements for Elementor v1.5.50 Plugin is All addons are totally unique, crafted individually to fit your Elementor Page Builder website. yes, you can find all the tools you’ll need to create advanced websites in one place. Stop wasting time searching for All solutions.

This plugin activates Advanced Elementor Tools Add more power to Elementor using its creative elements and make your next project look prettier than ever before. unlimited elements pro free download. unlimited elements for elementor pro free download.

The Biggest & Best Widget Library
Biggest Power up your page builder using our easy-to-use & creative widget library. Find everything you need in one place instead of bulking up your website with multiple Top plugins. [Unlimited elements for element pro] Unlimited Elements Free Download.

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Unlimited Elements for Elementor Premium Plugin
Unlimited Elements for Elementor Premium Plugin

All Features: Unlimited Elements for Elementor Premium Plugins.

  1. Video Galleries
  2. Widgets
  3. Banners
  4. Icon Hover Effects
  5. Bullet Lists
  6. Team Members
  7. Website Headers
  8. Flip Boxes
  9. Carousels
  10. Product Boxes
  11. Content Boxes
  12. Lifetime Updates
  13. 24/7 Support on hand to assist you
  14. Buttons
  15. Food Menus
  16. Our addon library is growing each day and you will get all our updates
  17. Ability to customize the HTML and CSS of the addons easily
  18. Import only the addons you want to use
  19. Opening Hours
  20. Statistic Counters
  21. Content Tabs
  22. Timer Countdowns
  23. Well Documented
  24. 700+ unique addons with infinite possibilities
  25. Social Network Icons
  26. Content Accordions
  27. Video Teaser Popups
  28. hover Effects
  29. Google Charts
  30. Testimonials & Reviews
  31. Link Hover Effects
  32. Content Tabs
  33. Pricing Tables
  34. One-click import layout from Elementor Page Builder page
  35. Mp3 Audio Players
  36. Simple Sliders
  37. Footers
  38. 200+ Premium Widgets
  39. 100+ Page Templates
  40. 20 Backgrounds
  41. Live Copy Paste NEW
  42. Dynamic Loop Builder
  43. Mega Menu
  44. Multi-Source Galleries UNIQUE
  45. Widget Creator Pro Features
  46. Advanced Post Selection
  47. Advanced Product Selection
  48. Sync Widgets
  49. Remote Control Widgets NEW
  50. Pagination
  51. Load More / Infinite Scroll
  52. Tabs Filter SPECIAL

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Unlimited Elements for Elementor Premium Plugin
Unlimited Elements for Elementor Premium Plugin

Unlimited Elements for Elementor Premium v1.5.50 Plugins (changelog)

  • Feature added integration to woo-commerce multicurrency plugins
  • The feature made some integration with the translate press plugin
  • Feature added a select post and select term attribute
  • Fix fixed dynamic loop CSS backgrounds with containers
  • Fix fixed mouse wheel event in the carousel
  • Fix fixed some rare PHP errors with filters
  • Fix fixed galleries’ default sizes with post filters
  • Fix fixed hidden option in the select filter in the safari browser
  • Fix fixed non-SSL assets URL
  • Feature added schema special attribute
  • Fix fixed false autoplay in the carousel
  • Fix fixed include by ids from dynamic field and terms from the dynamic field in post selection
  • Feature added items image size attribute (special type)
  • Fix fixed show backgrounds in the elementary editor
  • Fix fixed avoid duplicates with filters
  • Fix fixed select drop-down filter j’s
  • A feature added to avoid duplicates option to manual posts selection
  • Fix fixed thumbs gallery
  • Fix fixed multiple post filters and grid connection
  • Fix fixed various small PHP errors
  • Fix fixed WordPress popular posts integration small bug
  • Feature added terms from dynamic post-selection option
  • Feature added option for limiting terms shown in post list
  • Change updated once more unite gallery graphics changed assets to SVG
  • Fix fixed thumbnail gallery arrows
  • Fix fixed popular posts plugin integration
  • Fix removed some console logs in the filters file
  • Fix fixed ajax pagination jump
  • Fix fixed unite gallery strict standards bugs
  • Change renamed field and use dynamic fields to use current post data in the widget editor
  • Change updated freemium SDK to 245
  • Feature: added debug to remote elements
  • Fix: made some protection against wrong animation names in the carousel
  • Fix: added some small fixes to the carousel and remote sync js libraries
  • Fix: do a better find the closest section in remote
  • Fix: fixed not showing values in element or editor post selectors
  • Feature: added option to set title field in items
  • Fix: fixed some more lazy load-related protections in galleries
  • Fix: Fixed some Elementor 3.7 deprecation issues
  • Feature: added option to connect to another parent in remote arrows
  • Feature: added change URL and back button in ajax filers behavior
  • Fix: fixed doubly plugin integration import bg widgets
  • Fix: fixed remote next/prev directions in carousels
  • Fix: added some more protection against infinite loops from post-content processing
  • Feature: added more widget debug types – current post fields
  • Feature: updated admin title on edit widget view
  • Feature: Added option to carousel: scroll to head
  • Feature: added query data attributes into filtering grid
  • Fix: Fixed ajax pagination in some cases
  • Fix: fixed a small PHP bug with hover animations control
  • Fix: fixed le lightbox with Vimeo autoplay
  • Fix: fixed item index after the shuffle
  • Fix: fixed some selected tab filters-related issues
  • Fix: fixed load more filter doubly ajax request in some cases
  • Fix: fixed woo scheduled sale price output
  • Fix: in filters replace URL with pagination as well

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Unlimited Elements for Elementor v1.5.50 Premium Plugins Free Download Here.

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