TMail v9.6 Multi Domain Temporary Email System Free download

TMail v9.6 is a simple to use, fast, and mobile-ready temporary email system with an impressive feature set. It takes just 4 min to install TMail on your server.

TMail - Multi Domain Temporary Email System
TMail – Multi Domain Temporary

Sale Page: TMail – Multi Domain Temporary email system.

All Features: TMail v9.6 Multi Domain Temporary Email System.

  • IMAP searchability
  • Everything which requires Laravel 8 to run
  • Enabled symlink function
  • Multi-Domain Temporary Email System
  • Multiple Ads Space
  • Create Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Color Options
  • Powerful API System for Android App
  • Attachment Support
  • Auto Generate Email Accounts
  • Custom Domain Support
  • Auto Delete Email
  • Multi-Language Support
  • and more
TMail - Multi Domain Temporary Email System
TMail – Multi-Domain

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TMail v9.6 Multi Domain Temporary Email System [Changelog]

  • Added Ad Block Detector
  • Added Option to Enable/Disable Masking of External URL
  • Added Option to Enable/Disable Email Address in Page Title
  • Added Norwegian Language
  • Fixed Overflow of Email Addresses and Domains
  • Fixed Cookie Policy Issue with Nebula Theme
  • Fixed Invalid License Code False Error
  • Installer Fix (Allowing PHP 7.4)
  • Added masking of external links for protecting site footprint
  • Added feature to reduce the server load by pausing inactive user requests
  • Added missing language translations
  • Added support for PHP 8. X
  • Fixed multi delete issues
  • Fixed responsive issues on Nebula Theme
  • Fixed Click to Copy popup issue
  • Added a new free Theme (Nebula)
  • Added Featured Image for WordPress Blog Shortcode
  • Added Custom Header for App Page
  • Fixed Ad Spaces
  • Optimized Error Messages for safety
  • Added Custom Min/Max check for API
  • Added Forbidden ID check for API
  • Added Missing Translations
  • Fixed Random Switch 500 Error
  • Fixed Message Limit Issue
  • Added option to disable /mailbox slug
  • Added option to set messages to fetch limit
  • Added option to disable TMail Logs (
  • Added API for deleting the message
  • Added characters limit option for the custom email address
  • Added the Turkish language
  • Fixed minor security flaw
  • Fixed minor CSS optimization
  • Added Blocked Domain
  • Added reCaptcha
  • Added Access Logs (located in /storage/logs/tmail.csv)
  • Added Locale Detection (detect language from the browser)
  • Fixed Minor CSS Issues
  • Added Optional Feature to allow Email to create via URL
  • Fixed Theme Upload Issue
  • Fixed Bug with Attachments
  • Fixed Security Flaw if your Email Server allowed .php attachments
  • Added ability to update Date Format
  • An added feature of delete email if the domain no longer exists
  • Optimized TMail Core Packages
  • Optimized CRON Job
  • Fixed Ad Space 1 and 5 Refresh Issues
  • Updated Vendor Files
  • Added HTML Block for Page Content
  • Fixed Mailbox Redirect Issue
  • Fixed Case Sensitivity for Email Username
  • Modified CRON Password for a better security
  • Fixed Delete Issue with Emails
  • Fixed Select Domain not functional on Firefox Browser
  • Fixed Page Content not getting saved on some instances
  • Added announcements for better communication
  • Added ability to the auto-detect domain if added in the Username field
  • Added Default Language selector in Admin Panel
  • Revamped Codebase with Laravel 8 and Livewire
  • Updated Admin UI with Tailwind
  • Added Theme Module
  • Added the ability to add SEO Tags for Pages
  • Added parent-child technique for Menu Items
  • Added parent-child technique in the Pages Module
  • Added ability to use Google Accounts for IMAP Access
  • Added advance options for IMAP Configuration
  • Added Global Footer
  • Added ability for admin to set 2FA
  • Added ability for admin logout from other Browser Sessions
  • Updated OTA Software Update Structure
  • Critical Bug Fix
  • Added Cookie Policy
  • Added the ability to configure the Random Email ID Generator
  • Minor Text Correction
  • Updated Vendor Files
  • Fixed Installer Issue
  • Added Compact Layout for Actions
  • Added ability to add Favicon
  • Added ability to change Admin Details and Password
  • Added Vietnamese Language (By Nguyễn Hải Đăng)
  • Fixed Timezone Issues
  • Added Ad Space 5 between logo and create/action box
  • Changed the sequence of how old emails are deleted
  • Fixed Timezone Issue
  • Fixed broken UI in Admin Panel for Safari
  • Fixed overlapping of Social Media icons on Menu
  • Fixed broken mails from Apple Server
  • The fixed search functionality of emails
  • Added the ability to Download Email
  • Added missing log out on mobile screens
  • Added functionality to automatically generate API Key in Admin Panel
  • Fixed console errors
  • Fixed ENV file getting cleared
  • Added more refined Ad Spaces
  • Fixed page URL appended if set as homepage
  • Fixed API Issues
  • Fixed Password Reset Issue
  • Fixed Logo getting replaced after the update issue
  • Re-organized Admin Panel
  • Added the ability to add a custom header for Pages (for Meta Tags, etc)
  • Added function to delete emails after specific seconds, hours, minutes, and days
  • Fixed menu saving issue
  • Fixed weird code being shown with Google Adsense
  • Fixed console error in Admin Panel
  • Fixed the “View All Emails” button being non-functional on iPad / iPhone
  • Fixed inline images not being displayed
  • Fixed TMail buttons colors going back to default after language change
  • Added WordPress Blog Integration
  • Added support to delete emails via CRON
  • Added support to check for emails
TMail - Multi Domain Temporary Email System
TMail – Multi-Domain

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TMail v9.6 Multi Domain Temporary Email System Free Download Here.


you can alos Download “Groot – Theme for TMail” Free.


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