Media Cleaner Pro v0.7.9 Cleans Media Library Free Download!

About Media Cleaner Pro Cleans Media Library and Uploads Directory.

Media Cleaner Pro v0.7.9 Plugin Clean your media library and the Uploads folder of files that are not used. Clear your WordPress of unnecessary files in your file system, and unused entries in your media library.

This incredibly powerful tool has been perfected and even rewritten over the years and many collaborations.
You’ll love this – and if you don’t, let me know! I’ll do it better for you.

Media Cleaner Pro plugin detects unused and unneeded files in your WordPress. It cleans your media library and download folder. [Media Cleaner Pro Free download]

Media Cleaner is a very higher tool and should be exploited by someone who understands the mechanism of WordPress very well. [media cleaner pro download]

Dome Page: Media Cleaner pro.

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Media Cleaner Pro Free download
Media Cleaner Pro Free Download

All Feature: Media Cleaner Pro Cleans Media Library.

  1. Everything from the Pro Version
  2. Trash or Recover
  3. Clean Media Library
  4. User-friendly
  5. Even though the plugin
  6. Filesystem Scan
  7. Live-site Analysis
  8. Faster, better WordPress
  9. Support for Exotic Plugins
  10. Support for Page-Builders
  11. WooCommerce Support
  12. Powerful Analysis
  13. Media Library Scan
  14. Detects which media entries
  15. Powerful Analysis of Your post.
  16. Images are detected improperly

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Media Cleaner Pro Free download
Media Cleaner Pro Free Download

Media Cleaner Pro v0.7.9 Cleans Media Library Changelog.

  • Fix Improved and fixed the accuracy of the explanation displayed before the scan
  • Note Please try my new Database Cleaner Youll love it
  • Add Fixed a potential issue while scanning the widgets
  • Add Option to skip trash
  • Update Better and faster handling of options big refactor
  • Update Tiny UI enhancements to make this a bit better
  • Add Better support for ACF Blocks
  • Add Support for Ultimate Responsive Image Slider
  • Add Support for Presto Player
  • Fix Avoid duplicate issues even if a file is analyzed twice for some reason
  • Add Autoretry in the UI
  • Fix Tiny UI issues in Safari
  • Add Select a range of items by using shift
  • Info New plugin the family It is simply called Database Cleaner and it aims to be the best Database Cleaner You can find it here
  • Info I am working hard on Media Cleaner If you want to give me some love and motivation write a simple and nice review here
  • Add Support for retrying when an error occurs
  • Fix There was an issue with the resolution of some file paths
  • Add Support for the source tag
  • Fix The links and thumbnails that were broken in the Dashboard Trash
  • Fix Better support for filters for filesystem scan and a little optimization as well
  • Fix Better support for backgrounds overlays in elementor
  • Fix Support for Elementor background images
  • Fix There were a few warnings related to undeclared arrays
  • Add Support for Metabox
  • Fix the Issue with Elementor
  • Fix the Issue with JetEngine
  • Add Support for ACF Photo Gallery
  • Fix Better support for WebP
  • Add Do not rely on the Media Trash anymore MEDIATRASH
  • Fix Better support for WPBakery
  • Add Support for Google Web Stories
  • Info There is no need to add MEDIATRASH anymore You can remove it from your wp-config PHP if you added it there
  • Fix When a Media entry is removed from Media Library also remove it from the Issues in the Cleaner Dashboard
  • Update Consider SVGs as images
  • Add Support for Jet Engine and its meta boxes and fields
  • Add Support for CM Business Directory
  • Add Support for Sunshine Photo Cart
  • Add Support for Woodmart Theme
  • Add Support for HTML in Product Descriptions
  • Add jp images sitemap to the ignored post types
  • Add Works even when the original size image filename contains the resolution
  • Fix Support for roles
  • Add Support for Download Monitor
  • Fix Avoid JS issues with a certain version of React used by WP
  • Fix Avoid some notices and warnings
  • Add Support for the ACF field
  • Add the Option to consider Attached Images as In Use
  • Update Sanitized output for admin
  • Update Admin 36
  • Add the Option to consider Attached Images as In Use
  • Update Sanitized output for admin
  • Fix Images Only now includes PNG GIF ICO and BMP on top of the JPGs
  • Add Support for ACF Repeater with Array of Images ID
  • Add Support for ACF Blocks
  • Add Support for Jet Engine
  • Add Support for Social Warfare
  • Add Support for WP Job Manager
  • Add Support for wpDiscuz
  • Fix Better support for Salient Theme
  • Update More powerful CLI
  • Fix Little UI glitches fixed
  • Add Updated UI and libraries
  • Add Support for a Simple 3D Carousel
  • Update Better codebase that will allow new features and enhancements like Pause Retry etc
  • Add Support SVG
  • Add Support for Elfsight Slider
  • Add Support for Nimble Builder
  • Add Support for the Siteground cache
  • Add Support for Audio block
  • Add Support for web directory
  • Add Avoid WordPress to automatically empty its trash
  • Fix Alternative for those who don’t have the MB module
  • Add Support for Smart Slider
  • Add Support for video tags also used by the Gutenberg block
  • Fix WebP should be checked even though the content is not being checked
  • Fix Avoid scan to stop if a warning is sent by the server when using Live Scan
  • Add the Title of the Media Entry in the Cleaner Dashboard
  • Add a Link to the Image directly from Dashboard for a quick check
  • Fix Scan without content check was still checking for web or retina parent files
  • Fix Fixed an issue with WPML and potentially Polylang as well
  • Fix Updated to Common Admin 33
  • Fix UI is even more dynamic
  • Fix WP CLI wasn’t working with the new role system
  • Fix Improved support for WebP
  • Add Avoid overring the roles used by the plugin
  • Fix Support for WPML and WPML Media
  • Fix Support for Advanced Ads
  • Fix Compatibility with Litespeed
  • Update Support for WP 48
  • Update Avoid too many refreshes of the statistics and the options in the Dashboard
  • Update Better logs for the licenser
  • Add Support for Brizy 20
  • Update Support for nonces
  • Fix Support for WooCommerce Downloads
  • Fix Some settings could not be changed when Filesystem was selected in the Dashboard
  • Add Support for Justified Image Grid
  • Add Support for Custom Logos in themes
  • Add Support for Background Images in Avada Fusion Builder
  • Update Added the source maps for debugging purposes
  • Fix Works even if the Permalinks are disabled
  • Fix Create the DB as soon as it is required
  • Fix Avoid a notice with WP 55 wp make content images responsive is deprecated
  • Fix Retrieve the correct path for the Rest API on every kind of install
  • Update Better and fresh new UI
  • The way it works was simplified while keeping the same features and giving more room for new ones
  • This is the biggest update to Media Cleaner ever
  • Update Create the DB for Cleaner automatically if needed. [media cleaner pro nulled]

Media Cleaner Pro v0.7.9 Cleans Media Library and Uploads Directory Free Download Here.

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