Instantify v7.6 PWA & Google AMP & Instant Articles! [GPL]

About the Instantify v7.6 PWA & Google AMP & Instant Articles for WordPress.

Instantify v7.6 PWA is a WordPress plugin that combines Progressive Web Apps PWA, Accelerated Mobile Pages (Google AMP), and Facebook Instant Articles (FBIA). The plugin makes them work together to achieve amazing performance and user experience on every possible platform.

Instantify makes it easy to make your website mobile-friendly and increases load speeds to ensure you get top Google rankings, more traffic, and a huge boost in your conversions without any hard work or technical skills.

Turn your website into a faster, more secure, and lighter mobile-friendly site that gets top rankings and more traffic. Make your website Google-compliant, boost SEO, and rank higher in search engines. Monetize your website with Google Adsense & Facebook Ads.

Convert more visitors into buyers. Get more social engagement. Progressive Web Apps use modern web capabilities to provide a fast, native-app experience with no app stores or downloads,

Instantify - PWA & Google AMP & Instant Articles for WordPress.
Instantify – PWA & Google AMP

Sale Page: Instantify,PWA & Google AMP & Instant Articles for WordPress.

All Future: Instantify v7.6 PWA & Google AMP & Instant Articles

  1. Turn Your Site Into A Faster, Safer, And Lighter Mobile-Friendly Site For Top Rankings And More Traffic.
  2. Make Your Site OFFLINE USABLE For Visitors.
  3. Making Your Website Google Compliant, Boosting SEO, And Ranking Higher In Search Engines Means So Much FREE Traffic
  4. Monetize Your Website With Facebook Ads And Google Adsense For Easy Money Without Any Hard Work.
  5. Convert More Visitors Into Buyers And Put More Money In Your Pocket Instantly.
  6. Fast And Responsive
  7. Customizable Design
  8. Simple And Scalable
  9. Engaging And Sharable
  10. Interactive And Immersive
  11. Monetizable
  12. Measurable And Trackable
  13. GDPR Compliance
  14. Use Active Theme Styles
  15. Auto AMP generation
  16. Preloaded PWA From AMP
  17. All Content Support
  18. SEO Improvement
  19. Monetize Advertisements
  20. Analytics Integration
  21. GDPR Compliance
  22. Installation Overlays
  23. Offline Usage
  24. Navigation Tab Bar
  25. Web Share Button
  26. Pull Down Navigation
  27. Swipe Navigation
  28. Shake To Refresh
  29. Preloader
  30. Toast Messages
  31. Ajaxify
  32. Background Sync
  33. Persistent Storage
  34. Web Share Target
  35. Vibration
  36. Screen Wake Lock
  37. Push Notifications

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Instantify - PWA & Google AMP & Instant Articles for WordPress.
Instantify – PWA & Google AMP & Instant Articles for WordPress.

Instantify 7.6 PWA & Google AMP & Instant Articles [Changelog]

  • ADDED Option to choose PWA detection method
  • ADDED New comment push notification
  • IMPROVED License handling
  • IMPROVED PWA install and push subscribe analytics processing
  • ADDED Content Indexing API support
  • IMPROVED WP Rocket compatibility in PWA mode
  • IMPROVED QR code generation and included logo
  • FIXED Various minor things on the admin side
  • ADDED – Settings page for controlling plugin settings
  • ADDED – Compatibility for Webpushr notifications plugin
  • IMPROVED – Intro guide on the admin side
  • IMPROVED – Updated FontAwsesome library to the latest version
  • ADDED – Intro tutorial of admin settings
  • ADDED – Accent color feature from theme color
  • ADDED – Cache Only strategy to offline caching strategies
  • ADDED – New scope_extensions property to Manifest
  • ADDED – Support for Badging API for Push Notifications
  • ADDED – iOS splash screens for the latest devices

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Instantify v7.6 PWA & Google AMP & Instant Articles Free Download here.

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