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About Hide My WordPress Ghost v7.1.10 Plugin.

Hide My WP Ghost v7.1.10 Plugin is a WordPress Best Security plugin and works as a security through obscurity solution for WordPress websites. Best Security Through Obscurity WP Plugin. (Hide My WP Ghost free download)

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Hide My WordPress Ghost Plugin
Hide My WP Ghost Plugin

All Feature: Hide My WP Ghost Plugin [Download]

  1. Custom & Hide wp-admin URL
  2. Custom & Hide wp-login URL
  3. Custom Lost Password URL
  4. Custom Register URL
  5. It has also a Custom & Hides wp-login URL
  6. Custom wp-content path
  7. Custom wp-includes path
  8. Custom Logout URL
  9. Custom admin-ajax URL
  10. Custom uploads URL
  11. Custom comment URL
  12. Custom author URL
  13. Custom plugins path
  14. Custom themes path
  15. Hide HTML Comments
  16. Hide WP and Plugins Version
  17. Hide Author ID URL
  18. Hide Plugins name
  19. Hide Themes name
  20. Custom theme style name
  21. Custom API path URL
  22. Disable Rest API access
  23. Hide WordPress Common Paths
  24. Hide WordPress Common Files
  25. Firewall Against Script Injection
  26. Disable Directory Browsing
  27. Hide Admin for Logged Users
  28. Hide RSD header
  29. Hide Emoticons
  30. Disable XML-RPC access
  31. Disable Embed scripts
  32. Disable WLW Manifest scripts
  33. Disable DB Debug in Frontend
  34. Brute Force Google reCaptcha
  35. Whitelist & Blacklist IP Addresses
  36. Log Users Events
  37. Security Email Alert
  38. Complete Security Check
  39. Backup & Restore
  40. Cache & Optimize Speed
  41. URL Mapping
  42. Hide WordPress for Logged Users
  43. Hide Versions and WordPress Tags
  44. Hide RSD (Really Simple Discovery) header
  45. Hide WordPress HTML Comments
  46. Hide Emoticons
  47. Disable XML-RPC access
  48. Disable Embed Scripts
  49. Disable WLW Manifest scripts
  50. Disable DB Debug in Frontend

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Hide My WordPress Ghost Plugin
Hide My WP Ghost Plugin

Hide My WP Ghost v7.1.10 Security Plugin [Changelog]

  • Fixed URL Mapping for Nginx servers to prevent 404 pages
  • Fixed PHP error in Security Check when the XPoweredBy header is not string
  • Fixed Compatibility with WpRocket’s last version
  • Fixed Brute force math issue on woocommerce login when third-party woocommerce logins
  • Fixed Not to hide the image on the login page when no custom image is set in the Appearance
  • Fixed Compatibility with ShortPixel web Extention when Feed Security is enabled
  • Update Compatibility with the Nicepage Builder plugin
  • Update Compatibility with WP 602
  • Update Compatibility with Coming Soon Maintenance Mode PRO
  • Update Compatibility with WordPress 60
  • Update Add the option to automatically redirect to admin when accessing the login page
  • Compatibility with JobCareer theme [Hide My WP Ghost free download]

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Hide My WP Ghost v7.1.10 Plugin Free Download Here.

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