[GPL] WoWonder v4.1.4 Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform!

About the wowonder v4.1.4 The Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform.

WoWonder v4.1.4 is the Best PHP Social Network Script, WoWonder is a way to start your own social network website! the Wowonder platform is fast, secured, and regularly updated. WoWonder is the only social network in the market that fully support native mobile apps, thanks to our advanced API system.  WoWonder Script Nulled is fast, secure, and updated regularly.

Powerful Admin Panel
Manage your site content, users, posts, pages, groups, settings, and style your website also from our full management control panel.[WoWonder v4.1.4 Ultimate PHP]

Earn More Money
Monetize your social network website with various subscription plans or display Ads on your site to earn money.[WoWonder Free Download]

Instant Messaging
Instantly chat with your friends with the great messaging system, which supports Audio, Video calls, emojis, chat groups, and much more. Our chat system is powered by NodeJs for fast real-time messaging.

All payment methods are supported!
Your users can pay using Bitcoin, PayPal, Local Bank, Credit Cards, and Mobile.

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Sale Page: WoWonder – The Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform.

WoWonder, Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform
WoWonder, Ultimate PHP

All Features WoWonder v4.1.4 PHP Scripts

  1. High-performance, high-level cache system
  2. Amaze (new function)
  3. Easy & NiceRTL Support Search for notifications of URL profile visits displayed at the
  4. end of social login users
  5. Friends and followers system
  6. Home / Feedback / News
  7. User’s timeline page
  8. Group Games Social Video Support Photo Album Cover Photo User Privacy User
  9. Profile Information Notification #hashtags @mentions
  10. Delete and edit posts as a post publisher
  11. You need to save the post.
  12. User event
  13. Last post Likes and dislikes privacy
  14. Comments and replies
  15. Search \ reports
  16. API activity lives to chat messages.
  17. Multilingualism
  18. Confirmed profiles and pages
  19. All devices and browsers are fully responsive.
  20. Email password recovery
  21. Online user counters for administrators and homepages.
  22. Comments on the automatic detector
WoWonder, Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform
WoWonder, Ultimate PHP

WoWonder v4.1.4 PHP Scripts [Changelog]

  • FIXED multi-user delete was not working from the admin panel.
  • FIXED slow load when visiting the website first time.
  • FIXED br tag showing on user about, pages, groups, and products.
  • FIXED wasabi not working with models.
  • FIXED jpg images with web mime type returning null images.
  • FIXED videos are playing even though you play another video.
  • FIXED coinbase payment returning to 500 Internet server error when canceling a payment.
  • FIXED profile completion system not working in Instagram mode.
  • FIXED movies cannot be added by moderators.
  • FIXED showing a long balance on my earnings page.
  • FIXED post limit per hour not working.
  • FIXED 4+ more minor bugs.
  • The FIXED funding page design was broken
  • FIXED sending a not supported file in chat won’t show the wrong file format pop up
  • FIXED when you send a file or an image in chat clicking on the image doesn’t open it
  • FIXED now ago showing on notifications
  • FIXED files are not being deleted from third-party storage after deleting the post
  • The FIXED article link will not open if there is an extra slash at the end
  • FIXED 4 more minor bugs
  • ADDED story viewed time.
  • IMPROVED design/colors in the default theme for a few sections.
  • IMPROVED audio player design.
  • FIXED create article issue.
  • FIXED live streaming privacy not updating in the admin panel.
  • FIXED pick your plans, go pro plans were not showing on the welcome page.
  • FIXED CROS issues in nodejs.
  • FIXED wallet system was not accepting top-ups of more than 1000
  • The FIXED message button was not showing on the profile (mobile).
  • FIXED {site_name} showing on registration page.
  • FIXED charts were not showing on groups and pages if loading using ajax.
  • FIXED stories now are ordered by DESC instead of ASC.
  • FIXED chat colors, the default color was black.
  • FIXED birthday showing NULL on profile page sometimes.
  • FIXED clicking on stories next shows the previous stories.
  • The FIXED character limit on the privacy page.
  • FIXED disabling pages was disabling the create button on the top header.
  • FIXED YouTube videos on Instagram mode weren’t working.
  • ADDED report user system + reason.
  • ADDED ban message on user profile if the user is banned.
  • ADDED Instagram Mode.
  • ADDED flutter wave payment method.
  • ADDED Ngenius payment method.
  • ADDED Aamarpay payment method.
  • ADDED The ability to add custom pro packages.
  • ADDED The ability to add a custom withdrawal method.
  • ADDED The ability to choose who can use a feature, Admin, All Users, Only Pro.
  • ADDED The ability to resend two auth verification codes.
  • ADDED new design for Instagram mode.
  • ADDED developer mode to admin panel.
  • UPDATED documentation & FAQs: https://docs.wowonder.com/ .
  • UPDATED email verification page design.
  • UPDATED chat design.
  • UPDATED all website shadow elements (CSS).
  • UPDATED header notifications, and messages dropdown size.
  • UPDATED post comments design.
  • IMPROVED design in the default theme for a few sections.
  • FIXED qrcode.js was missing in the sunshine.
  • FIXED search in admin panel was not working well.
  • FIXED login using Twitter.
  • FIXED admin commission was not appearing with product purchase.
  • FIXED OG meta tags for albums.
  • FIXED XSS vulnerability.
  • FIXED fixed product showing in stock while there is no stock left.
  • FIXED announcements weren’t working.
  • FIXED agora live video/calls.
  • FIXED google login API.
  • FIXED Twilio video/audio calls.
  • FIXED if the post was boosted on a page it doesn’t appear in the booted posts section.
  • FIXED the ability to send gifs & stickers on nodejs.
  • FIXED 40+ more minor bugs.
  • FIXED bugs in API.
  • ADDED audio player for mp3 files.
  • ADDED Yandex API for maps.
  • ADDED Yandex payment method.
  • ADDED iyzipay payment method.
  • ADDED securionpay payment method.
  • ADDED authorize.Net payment method.
  • ADDED ok.ru social login.
  • ADDED new APIs in developers page: get_pages, get_groups, get_products,
  • get_followers, get_following, get_friends
  • ADDED mobile apps links on the welcome page and sidebar, managed from the admin panel –
  • > website information.
  • UPDATED design in a few sections.
  • UPDATED documentation & FAQs: https://docs.wowonder.com/ .
  • FIXED price not showing in products.
  • FIXED links not working on the profile page.
  • FIXED ajax load in a few pages.
  • FIXED broken images when importing a link.
  • FIXED add as a family system.
  • FIXED XSS vulnerability.
  • I FIXED 10+ more minor bugs.
  • FIXED bugs in API.
  • ADDED website mode, switch your website instantly to Linkedin mode. (Instagram,
  • Twitter, AskFM, and Patreon are coming soon).
  • ADDED website mode, switch your website instantly to Linkedin mode. (Instagram,
  • Twitter, AskFM, and Patreon are coming soon).
  • ADDED marketplace system, users can now buy and sell products + admin commission.
  • ADDED moderator rules manager, now you can choose what a moderator can do.
  • ADDED more ads placements (jobs, forums, movies, offers & funding) & entire site option.
  • ADDED multiple levels affiliate system.
  • ADDED custom ban message for every user.
  • ADDED The ability to translate terms pages.
  • ADDED CoinBase payment method.
  • ADDED new search system for Linkedin mode.
  • ADDED more APIs.
  • ADDED ReCaptcha to create an article page.
  • ADDED Wasabi Storage.
  • ADDED new welcome page.
  • ADDED remember me on the login page.
  • ADDED multi-language support for terms, privacy, and about pages.
  • UPDATED CoinPayments API.
  • UPDATED Infobip API.
  • UPDATED marketplace, jobs & movies page design (default theme).
  • UPDATED design in a few other pages (default theme).
  • UPDATED Twilio SDK.
  • UPDATED left sidebar icons. (default theme)
  • UPDATED documentation & FAQs: https://docs.wowonder.com/ .
  • CLEANED 10,000+ lines of outdated code.
  • ORGANIZED PHP code format (HTML coming in next update).
  • FIXED images with _small extensions are not getting deleted on the remote storage.
  • The FIXED watermark isn’t working on image posts.
  • FIXED family members’ texts.
  • FIXED auto username, page likes or group joins isn’t working when you register using the app.
  • The FIXED login with Instagram isn’t working.
  • FIXED email notifications are not working on following, viewing profiles, or comments.
  • The FIXED digital ocean test button wasn’t working in the admin panel.
  • FIXED Audio/video calls are not working from website to apps using agora.
  • FIXED “common things” page PHP fatal error.
  • FIXED 2 XSS exploits. [Important!]
  • FIXED blank page when adding / in URL.
  • The FIXED site map doesn’t generate more than 50K links.
  • FIXED read more button on mobile.
  • FIXED 30+ more minor bugs.
  • FIXED bugs in API.
  • ADDED Palestine to the country list.
  • REMOVED duplicated Nginx rules in Nginx. conf, update required for Nginx users.
  • REPLACED Yahoo weather with new provider https://openweathermap.org
  • FIXED live video not working on firefox.
  • FIXED blog point issue, user will get points now after approval.
  • FIXED nearby shops counter.
  • FIXED line break issue in nodejs chat system.
  • The FIXED refund page wasn’t appearing.
  • FIXED add movies page in admin, sometimes it looks broken.
  • FIXED bank details weren’t getting updated in the admin panel.
  • FIXED issues in design.
  • FIXED video post on MySQL 8 and PHP 8.
  • FIXED more minor bugs.
  • FIXED bugs in API.
  • ADDED delete account E-mail to Manage Emails in the admin panel.
  • RE-ORGANIZED admin panel links, content, and texts, and created an auto-save system.
  • The FIXED seen issue on nodejs. [WoWonder Free Download]

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WoWonder v4.1.4 The Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform Free Download Here.

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