Free Download: Neve Pro Addon v2.5.1 Activated full Features

About Neve Pro Addon for Neve Theme

Neve Pro Addon v2.5.1 Plugin, Neve’s theme is the mobile-first manner, compatible with AMP, and famous page-builders make website building available for everyone.

Neve Pro Addon Nulled is an extremely fast, multipurpose top WordPress theme. It works too great with any page builder and is perfect for all types of blogs, can you set up small businesses and startups with the Neve theme? [Neve Pro Addon free download]

Dome/Sale Page: Neve pro theme.

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Neve Pro Addon free dwonload
Neve Pro Addon free download

All Features: Neve Pro Addon Plugin for Neve Theme.

  1. Pick the way you want the layout
  2. Change the colors of your site
  3. Completely customize the layout
  4. Google loves fast websites
  5. Neve gets the best results on PageSpeed Insights performance tests.
  6. We’ve made speed our top priority in ensuring your site’s speed.
  7. On a default installation, Neve took 0.6s for the upload.
  8. created a lighthearted theme without sacrificing flexibility.
  9. The default installation of WordPress is as minuscule as 28 KB.
  10. Customize and reshape Neve’s header and footer using drag-and-drop components.
  11. Pick the way you want the layout to look: contained or full width and adjust the options.
  12. Neve is made for freelancers or hobbyists that want an easy-to-set-up and flexible theme.

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Neve Pro Addon free dwonload
Neve Pro Addon free download

Neve Pro Addon v2.5.1 for Neve theme New Features [Changelog] 

  • Fix Revert menu changes to fix regressions
  • Feat Add better support for keyboard menu navigation
  • Feat Improves performance by conditionally loading the CSS for sidebar animation
  • Fix Change patterns registration hook
  • Update Google Fonts
  • Fix Customizer not working in some specific cases
  • Fix Typography breaks when switching viewports in Gutenberg Editor
  • Fix the Gradient color option with WP 61
  • Fix Plugin path issues with Bedrock
  • Fix the VoiceOver accessibility issue on iPhone
  • Update Google Fonts
  • Fix Caret for select dropdown not appearing
  • Fix Adjusted the bread crumbs and the text for the results display on mobile for WooCommerce
  • Fix Compatibility with the WooCommerce Stripe Gateway plugin
  • Prepare Neve for WordPress 61
  • Update Google Fonts
  • Fix Starter content hero image
  • Fix Upside down menu caret in Safari
  • Fix Customizer search prevents settings expand when using the pencil buttons from the preview
  • Fix the Search icon component input height not applying on submit button
  • Fix Missing variable notice
  • Fix Compatibility with PHP editor from custom layouts
  • Fix the Sidebar toggle disappears on the shop on mobile
  • Fix the External link in the Neve Pro Addon license card
  • Fix PageSpeed module enabled on servers transforms CSS variables to lowercase
  • Fix Rollback button does not appear in some cases
  • Feat Gradient support for color controls
  • Fix the Missing top margin for the featured post when the title is disabled
  • Fix The title on archives disappears when the page title has the cover layout
  • Fix Fixed the styles for the search widget prior to 58 on the new skin
  • Fix Add padding for submenu items in the sidebar menu
  • Fix the Shop sidebar with the off-canvas layout not working when the content width is above 95
  • Feat Add Xing to the icon list
  • Fix the Hide title meta setting not working on the blog page
  • Fix Mobile sticky when it’s not in the global header context
  • Fix Content shifting when using the Fancybox WP plugin
  • Fix Compatibility issues with Klarna payments
  • Fix Mini cart issues with Elementor templates
  • Fix Fatal error produced by the abs function on servers with PHP 8 and Neve Pro installed
  • Feat Add an option to have unitless line height for typography controls
  • Fix Allow values lower than 1 for em unit
  • Fix Custom layout made with Elementor when masonry is enabled
  • Fix PHP warning due to React controls
  • Fix Compatibility with the Booking Activities plugin
  • Fix Edge case where some plugins are not defined in the never dash constantly inside the dashboard
  • Add antialiasing on text
  • Feat Add more menu icon options for the Menu Icon component Learn more
  • Feat Blog featured post Learn more
  • Feat Add compatibility with Easy Digital Downloads
  • Fix Integration between LifterLMS and the pallet switcher from Neve
  • Fix Alignment conflict with WooCommerce Product Addons
  • Fix Offcanvas cart menu stays open
  • Fix Customizer error when Neve Pro is installed but not updated
  • Feat Add the possibility to search for options in Customizer Learn more
  • Feat Show comments but hides reply form if they allow comments setting is unchecked
  • Feat Add relative CSS unit support for some customizer controls
  • Fix Secondary button options applying on the search submit button
  • Fix Expand the first level of the submenu option
  • Feat Add margin control for menu label
  • Remove redundant class import
  • Fix Extra divider in Customizer on Instructions component
  • Fix the Improved ARIA label on the menu dropdown
  • Fix Improve compatibility with Sparks
  • Fix Items alignment on the sidebar
  • Fix Border radius on buttons cannot be removed
  • Fix the Default text color for primary buttons
  • Fix Indentation for nested replies
  • Fix Sticky footer overlapping elements on the shop page
  • Fix Replace the deprecated EDD filter
  • Fix Comment reply script loading
  • Fix Added ARIA label for palette switch link
  • Fix Critical errors when the header is empty
  • Fix the Starter content header button issue
  • Feat Add a new control to hide the title on archive pages
  • Fix Remove the theme JSON file as it adds lots of other issues
  • Feat Adds theme JSON enable appearanceTools Documentation
  • Fix the Placement of the loop entry before or after the hook
  • Update Google fonts
  • Feat Add active menu item color for the secondary navigation header component
  • Fix Featured post section enabled makes page titles disappear
  • Fix Neve sidebar breaks editor layout when opened
  • Fix Tag cloud block styling
  • Fix Hover modes for HFG navigation components
  • Dropdowns with hash are toggled on the link click
  • Improve performance by preventing AMPrelated style for loading everywhere
  • Improve performance by requiring comment reply js only when is needed
  • Fix Both posted date and updated date are displayed
  • Fix current query title magic tag cant be displayed inline with other text “Neve Pro Addon nulled”
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Neve Pro Addon v2.5.1 for Neve Theme (Activated) Free Download Here.


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