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About Premium URL Shortener v6.8.2 Link Shortener Bio and QR Codes PHP script.

The Premium URL Shortener v6.8.2 is a URL shortener PHP script fully packed with many special features. It has been built from scratch with execution in mind. A few of the features include geotargeting,

a premium membership, a strong dashboard and admin panel, and a series of CMS tools to help you build your fantasy dream. Moreover, it will keep getting better with each most recent update! [Premium URL Shortener PHP Script Free Download]

It has been actively developed for over 9 years, which means it will continue to improve with every upgrade.

It lets you shorten a long link to a short smart link that you can use to track clicks and optimize your marketing campaigns. [Premium URL Shortener Free Download ] [URL shortener WordPress theme]

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Sale Page: Premium URL Shortener.

Premium URL Shortener free donwload
Premium URL Shortener free download

All features: Premium URL Shortener: Link Shortener smartly.

  1. Beautiful Bio Profile Generator
  2. Share and Custom QR Generator
  3. script Software as a Service
  4. New Team Feature
  5. supports custom domains
  6. allows Campaigns & Link Rotator
  7. automatically Overlay Pages
  8. You can easily Translation
  9. validation and URL filtering
  10. Powerful Administration Panel
  11. quick and easy installer
  12. UTMs & Custom Parameters
  13. Targeting Geotargeting System & Device
Premium URL Shortener free donwload
Premium URL Shortener free download

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New Premium URL Shortener v6.8.2 Link Shortener Bio and QR Codes [changelog]

  • Added Hooks for Links
  • Improved Plugin Theme System
  • Improved Vouchers so they can be redeemed without a credit card on file
  • Fixed An issue with QR Transparency on some older Imagick version
  • Fixed An issue users on a free plan cannot shorten links in some instances
  • Added Custom button text to Bio Page vCard
  • Fixed Help menu link still points to faq
  • Fixed An issue where Stripe checkout would trigger vouchers
  • Fixed An issue with a splash page
  • Improved QR logo size management
  • Fixed an issue with pricing tables where the tick x was reversed
  • Improved Paddle Payment Gateway
  • Fixed Error 500 on Checkout for Customers With Regular License
  • Fixed Social Links in Bio Pages
  • Fixed Backup restore Tool 404
  • Added Code to force browsers to use the latest version of the JS file
  • Added Paddle Payments
  • Added Stripe Portal Support
  • Added TikTok Pixel
  • Added OpenSea NFT Bio Page Widget
  • Added Twitter Bio Page Widget
  • Added Facebook Bio Page Widget
  • Added Instagram Bio Page Widget
  • Added Soundcloud Bio Page Widget
  • Added Tagline Bio Page Widget
  • Added Meta Image for Bio Pages
  • Added New Bio Page Themes
  • Added Bio Page Native Share icon
  • Added Bio Page Sensitive Content Warning
  • Added Bio Page Cookie Popup
  • Added Option to Toggle Verification System
  • Added Proxy Support
  • Added Sitemap Configuration
  • Added Ability to Hash IP
  • Added New Admin Cleanup Tool
  • Improved Bio Page UI
  • Improved Dark Mode
  • Improved RTL
  • Improved Various UI Elements
  • Fixed Bio Pages Background Bug
  • Fixed Various Minor Bugs
  • Improved Language Files
  • Fixed Password Requirement Issue
  • Added Verification System
  • Added Language Targeting
  • Added Max Use for Coupons
  • Added Campaign API
  • Added Channel API
  • Added Order Confirmation Page
  • Added Meta Image Support for Links API
  • Added SVG Logo Support
  • Added Link Search Filters
  • Added Animation to Bio Pages Links
  • Added Billing Name Company Name
  • Improved Bio Pages
  • Improved API System
  • Improved Core System
  • Improved Admin Link Management System
  • Improved Various UI Elements
  • Improved Security Checks
  • Improved Plugin System
  • Improved Vendors Updated
  • Fixed Bio Pages Theme Issue
  • Fixed Various Minor Bugs
  • Virus Total Issue
  • Added DisableEnable Bio Pages as Admin
  • Fixed An error when visiting a short URL as admin
  • Fixed Minor Bugs Improvements
  • Added Stats Links to Bio Links Widget
  • Added Margins to QR code
  • Added Manage channels under Edit
  • Added Option to remove BioQRs from channels
  • Improved Channels
  • Fixed An issue with maps
  • Fixed An issue with a monthly subscription when canceled
  • Added Channels
  • Added Bio Page QR Duplication
  • Added Meta Data
  • Added New Domain Email
  • Added Return Back as Admin
  • Added Anonymous Links
  • Added Better Filters
  • Added Domains for QR
  • Updated Vendors
  • Fixed Maps where Israel was not shown correctly
  • Fixed An issue with Campaigns
  • Fixed Various Bio UI elements
  • Fixed An issue with QR codes when large logos are uploaded
  • Added Statistics Reset
  • Fixed An issue with StripeHosted Checkout
  • Fixed An issue with Multilingual Pages
  • Fixed An issue with QR Codes
  • Fixed Date in Email Templates
  • Added Font Selector
  • Added FontAwesome Icon Selector
  • Added StripeHosted Payment Links
  • Added Notification Bell Read Status
  • Improved Stripe API
  • Improved Shortcuts Page
  • Fixed QR File Type Static vCard
  • Added Integrations Icons to Homepage
  • Fixed Installer bug
  • Added Contact Form Widget
  • Added Newsletter Form Widget
  • Added Product Widget
  • Added HTML Widget
  • Added vCard Widget
  • Added Static vCard
  • Added File Upload
  • Added WordPress Plugin Generator
  • Added IOS Shortcuts Integration
  • Added DeepL Integration
  • Added Admin Panel Language File
  • Added API Language File
  • Improved Various Widgets
  • Improved Various Integrations
  • Improved Plugin Directory
  • Improved API Platform
  • Improved Installer
  • Improved Updater
  • Improved Various Elements
  • Fixed Various Bugs
  • Added Optimization Tools
  • Added Trial End Reminder Cron
  • Added Tax in Invoices
  • Improved Links API
  • Improved Bio Pages Links
  • Fixed An issue with Bookmarklet when Require Registration is On
  • Fixed An issue with IPv6
  • Added Advanced Tax Rates
  • Added Advanced Bio Widgets
  • Added Advanced Bio Settings
  • Added Coupon CTA
  • Added Trackable Crypto QR
  • Added Trackable SMS QR
  • Added Trackable vCard QR
  • Added Custom Frontpage Colors
  • Added Captcha on Homepage
  • Added Plugin Directory
  • Added Blog Rich Markup
  • Added FAQ Rich Markup
  • Improved Browser and Platform Detection
  • Improved Various Improvements
  • Added Minor Features
  • Added Child Theme Support
  • Improved Theming Structure
  • Improved Plugin Structure
  • Improved Various Logics
  • Improved Various UI and Dark Mode
  • Fixed An issue with SMS QR and WiFi
  • Fixed An issue with Emails
  • Improved Various things
  • Fixed Various minor bugs
  • Added More API Endpoints
  • Added More Pixels
  • Improved Landing Page
  • Fixed An issue with Teams
  • Fixed An issue with Link Shortening
  • Added Bio Pages Admin
  • Added QR Codes Admin
  • Added Language Sync Admin
  • Added More Social Links Admin
  • Added Reset Link Stats User
  • Added More Stats in Statistics Admin
  • Added Missing Translation Strings
  • Improved Home Page Redirect
  • Improved Campaigns
  • Improved Teams
  • Fixed An issue with Social Login
  • Improved UI [URL Shortener nulled]
  • Fixed An issue with LinkCreate API
  • Improved Bio Pages
  • Improved PayPal API lifetime payments issue when using coupons
  • Improved Stripe declined payments
  • Fixed Social login issue when the username is empty
  • Fixed Shortening when uploading a custom meta image
  • Fixed Various small bugs. Premium URL Shortener Free Download.

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