Free Download: GeneratePress Premium v2.2.1 Responsive!

About GeneratePress Premium v2.2.1 Responsive WordPress Theme “Free download”

GeneratePress Premium v2.2.1 theme is a lightweight Best top WordPress theme that focuses on speed, stability, and accessibility. Customer is starting your website off in the right direction whether a hobbyist, freelancer, or agency. Bolger etc. [generatepress premium free download]

GeneratePress Premium theme Take GeneratePress to the next level with GP Premium theme. GeneratePress themes get over 19,000 happy members worldwide, GeneratePress theme providers are taking advantage of our powerful add-ons & amazing community.

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GeneratePress Premium Free Download Here
GeneratePress Premium Free Download

All Features: GeneratePress Premium Responsive theme.

  1. Responsive design
  2. Lightweight and clean codes
  3. Recommended for Client projects
  4. Fast loading speed
  5. Focused on performance
  6. Highly secure and stable
  7. No render-blocking issues
  8. Optimized for search engine bots
  9. Schema markup Theme
  10. theme site library
  11. colors
  12. typography
  13. build elements
  14. Build for woocommerce
  15. menu plus
  16. spacing
  17. Post blog
  18. secondary nav
  19. backgrounds
  20. sections
  21. disable elements
  22. copyright
  23. theme footer
  24. very flexible box
  25. full response
  26. next level futurs
  27. Free & open source theme
  28. top blazingly fast
  29. import/export

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GeneratePress Premium Free Download Here
GeneratePress Premium Free Download

GeneratePress Premium v2.2.1 Responsive WordPress theme Changelog.

  • Fix Add value to off-canvas aria-hidden attribute
  • Tweak Remove/add aria-hidden to off-canvas on the toggle
  • Feature Allow block element autosave
  • Feature Add revisions to block elements
  • Feature Add Loop Template block element
  • Feature Don’t display the raw license key in the Dashboard
  • Feature Add Paginated Results to Element Display Rules
  • Fix Element post navigation template PHP warning when not using GB Pro
  • Fix Remove unnecessary zoom CSS from featured images
  • Fix Font icon CSS order
  • Fix Load more buttons showing in product tax archives
  • Fix Prevent tabbing in hidden off-canvas panel
  • Fix Hide hidden off-canvas panel from screen readers
  • Fix menu toggle aria-controls when using off-canvas panel
  • Fix Focus first focusable element when opening the off-canvas panel
  • Fix Focus slideout toggle when closing off-canvas panel
  • Fix OffCanvas Panel submenu a11y
  • Fix Prevent secondary nav legacy typography CSS
  • Fix dynamic term meta link
  • Fix Block margins in the block element editor
  • Fix Embeds in Block Elements
  • Fix Apply display rules to the editor with no ID
  • Fix Navigation background image applying to secondary nav
  • Fix WooCommerce order received page float issue
  • Tweak Remove jquery migrate from a sticky script
  • Tweak Add a message in the Blog section about Loop Template
  • Feature Reorder global colors in the Customizer
  • Feature Add live preview to global color changes in Customizer
  • Feature Use CSS variables for button colors
  • Feature Set GenerateBlocks Button block to use our button colors by default
  • Feature Add font style option to Typography
  • Feature Add text-decoration option to Typography
  • Feature Add generate font manager show google fonts PHP filter
  • Feature Add generatefontmanagersystemfonts JS filter
  • Feature Add generatefontmanagergooglefonts JS filter
  • Feature Add generate add comment date link PHP filter
  • Fix Missing link underlines in the editor
  • Fix Code block width in the editor
  • Fix WooCommerce archive wrapper HTML attributes
  • Fix Google font API requests using standalone numbers
  • Fix Customizer shortcut links in the GP Dashboard
  • Fix Check for logo dimension data
  • Fix Backtotop iOS DoubleClick issues
  • Tweak Use block editor set to add editor CSS
  • Tweak Remove title attributes from logo and logo link
  • Tweak Remove excess screen reader text from post navigation
  • Tweak Improve editor width calculations based on your layouts
  • Tweak Improve check for dark theme class
  • Tweak Change the Google Font label in Font Manager

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GeneratePress Premium v2.2.1 Responsive WordPress theme Free Download Here.


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