Free Download: Active eCommerce CMS v6.5.0+All addon [GPL]

About this Active eCommerce CMS v6.5.0+ All Addon pack [Activated]

[Activated] Active eCommerce CMS Free Download, Today we have shared Active eCommerce CMS v6.5.0 for free download to everyone. The shared file is not Active eCommerce CMS nulled or cracked; it’s a 100% genuine GPL file, and you can use this GPL file on unlimited websites. It’s already activated. only install.

Multi-language options, multi-currency options, 4 different payment gateways, social media login and sharing, and the most advanced product posting and presentation.

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Top Multi-Vendor System with Well-Decorated Front and Exclusive Features.

This theme is very attractive and well-designed. With a rich collection of theme colors, features to add banners, and slider images we’ve developed this script in a way that will present your e-commerce in the most unique way.

We focus not only on script look but also on all kinds of eCommerce features available here to grow your business across the globe.

Best responsive layout with all the functionalities of your eCommerce business.

No matter what type of device you are using to access your site. This script is perfectly designed for every size of the monitor. There are no breaks or extra layouts or anything that could annoy you or your customer while browsing the site.

We assure you that all pages, all functionalities, and all options are fully functional for all types of devices. Be it a tablet, smartphone, iOS device, or Android phone, this script ensures that your business works on all modern devices.

Free Download: Active eCommerce CMS
Active eCommerce CMS

If you start Global business is in your hands, with all its functional operations in the easiest way possible.

Wherever you are living your online business will be in your hands. You can view every activity on your website through your mobile device. Also easily manageable layout for any kind of changes. From the admin panel on mobile you can change/edit/delete everything for your site.

Our core concern has always been to make your online experiences look great and fully functional through every possible screen. We make sure that your e-commerce solution is compatible with all devices while remaining user-friendly. We think carefully about the user’s mobile experience.

Focusing on a user-centric approach, we ensure that your online presence is engaging and click-friendly.

Active eCommerce CMS futures.[Free Download]

  1. Multiple International Payment Gateways
  2. Dynamic Wallet System
  3. Social Media Login & Sharing
  4. After Purchase Order Tracking System
  5. Product posting & Presentation
  6. Seller Public Profile
  7. Product Posting
  8. Public profile setup
  9. Seller Approval form
  10. Laravel-based PHP script
  11. 100% Responsive design
  12. Multivendor system
  13. Basic eCommerce
  14. Available Multi-currency
  15. Multiple Payment Gateways
Free Download: Active eCommerce CMS
Active eCommerce CMS

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Active eCommerce CMS v6.5.0 (changelog)

  • MyFatoorah Payment Gateway added in Active eCommerce Asian Payment Gateway addon
  • Compatible with Active eCommerce Asian Payment Gateway addon version
  • Compatible with Active eCommerce Seller Subscription addon version
  • Important bug fixing
  • Add SKU option in order detail & invoice
  • Important Bug Fixing
  • Compatible with Active eCommerce seller app
  • Added country in reset password for mobile number
  • Important Bug Fixing
  • Add product query section
  • Add merchantInvoiceNumber in the Bkash payment gateway as per their documentation
  • Important Bug Fixing
  • Improvements & Bug solving
  • Important Bug Fixing
  • Improvements & Bug solving
  • Separate seller panel
  • Now review the system available on customer order detail
  • Admin can set minimum purchase amount
  • Admin can set minimum seller withdrawal amount
  • SKU and Tags options are given in the product bulk upload
  • Important Bug Fixing
  • Improvements & Bug solving
  • Language enable/disable option
  • Product search by SKU
  • Security update
  • Bugfix
  • Improvements & Bug solving
  • Bulk Upload Improvement
  • MercadoPago Payment Gateway
  • New arrival and frequently bought together products
  • API improvement
  • Improvements & Bug solving
  • Compatibility with flutter app 2.1
  • SEO fix for policy pages
  • Bug fixes and improvement
  • Improvements & Bug solving
  • Compatibility with Delivery Boy Addon 2.0
  • Laravel sanctum integrated for API authentication
  • Paytm addon support
  • Bugfix and Improbable
  • Improvements & Bug solving
  • QRCode on order details and invoice
  • Custom order tracking number
  • Email notification for sellers on order placement
  • Improvements & Bug solving
  • Park Payment Gateway
  • Custom text for external products button
  • Helpline number on the header
  • Minor bug fix
  • Improvements & Bug solving
  • Discount bag on the product box
  • Improvements & Bug solving
  • Country, State, and City pre-defined list
  • API data caching
  • payment gateway
  • App translation from mobile app
  • Improvements & Bug solving
  • Compatibility with wholesale (B-B) Add-on
  • Minor bug fix
  • Improvements & Bug solving
  • Country code selector for login page
  • Product slug improvement
  • URL improvement for the seller shop page
  • Code optimization
  • Improvements & Bug solving
  • Multilingual product search
  • Iyzico payment bug fix
  • Nagar payment issue fix on API
  • Improvements & Bug solving
  • Separate coupons page for coupon marketing
  • Separate In-House products page
  • Performance & Security improvement
  • Improvements & Bug solving
  • Product external link option
  • Color filter enable/disable option
  • API bug fix for shipping cost and login
  • Improvements & Bug solving
  • Caching improvement
  • App compatibility for version 1.8
  • Improvements & Bug solving
  • Upgraded to Laravel 8
  • Attribute filtering based on categories
  • Multi-seller checkout (customers can purchase from multiple sellers at a time)
  • Separate Coupons for seller products
  • Translations caching
  • Content translations query optimized
  • Loading time minimized
  • Improvements & Bug solving
  • Speed optimization for the admin panel
  • Caching improvement
  • App compatibility for version 1.6
  • Improvements & Bug solving
  • API is compatible with active eCommerce flutter app 1.6
  • API is compatible with the active eCommerce delivery app 1.1
  • Improvements & Bug solving
  • Amaray payment gateway
  • Redis cache support
  • Google map in the address section for seller and customer
  • Order notification
  • New feature for seller product approval by admin
  • File uploads option in the seller panel
  • Search option and validation for colors in the Admin panel
  • Footer content translation
  • Mobile UI improved
  • Minor bug fixing
  • Improvements & Bug solving
  • Colors add/edit/delete option
  • Attribute values add/edit/delete option
  • Discount period for products
  • Some minor bug fix
  • Improvements & Bug solving
  • Website pop option with a subscription form
  • The removable top banner with a link
  • Play store, app store link options in the footer
  • Bulk delete options on the admin panel for products, orders, customers, sellers
  • API bug fix for the flutter app
  • Some minor bug fix
  • Improvements & Bug solving
  • New API for flutter app v1.3
  • Bugfix and improvement
  • Improvements & Bug solving
  • SKU in invariant product
  • Cart synchronization with mobile app
  • Bugfix and improvement
  • Improvements & Bug solving
  • New API for flutter app v1.2
  • Bugfix and improvement
  • Improvements & Bug solving
  • A new API for the flutter app (API v2) is released.
  • Our backend is now ready to host the flutter mobile application.
  • In the address field, “City” is now a selectable item.
  • Shipping cost calculation is upgraded.
  • Bugs found in important features are fixed.
  • Improvements & Bug solving
  • seller orders filtered by the seller
  • All seller page
  • User wallet transaction history for admin
  • Countrywise city in checkout
  • Category ordering option [Active eCommerce CMS v7.0.0]

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