Free Download, BuddyBoss Platform Pro v2.1.3 Theme v2.1.1

Here About The BuddyBoss Platform Pro v2.1.3 Theme 2.1.1 Free Download

BuddyBoss Platform Nulled Free Download and BuddyBoss Theme [Activated] Free Download makes it easy to share your expertise and enthusiasm while also growing your viewers and earnings.

For an extra engaging learning experience, the platform permits structured training, micro-learning, social learning, and gamification.[buddyboss platform pro free download]

Thanks to the BuddyBoss App integration, you can too create your personal white-label mobile app for your workers to review on the go. [BuddyBoss Platform Pro Free Download]

The BuddyBoss Platform and Theme is an open-source white-label solution that can be custom-made to fit your brand. It is built with versatility in thoughts, permitting you to completely modify it to your undertaking’s wants.

BuddyBoss Theme Free Download
BuddyBoss Theme Free Download

Sales Page: – BuddyBoss Platform Plugin and BuddyBoss Theme.

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All Features: BuddyBoss Platform Plugin & Theme BuddyBoss Platform Pro v2.1.3 – BuddyBoss Theme v2.1.1

These are the All features of the BuddyBoss Platform Plugin and Theme:

  1. Member Profiles
  2. Social Groups
  3. Forum Discussions
  4. Member Connections
  5. Private Messaging
  6. User Invites
  7. Notifications
  8. Network Search
  9. Activity Feeds
  10. Albums & Media
  11. Branded & Customized Emails
  12. Private Community
  13. Multi-Lingual
  14. RTL Support
  15. GDP
  16. Allow your fans or customers to connect with you through your brand. Boost engagement and retention while collecting valuable feedback.
  17. Allow your employees to learn from one another, increasing the value of your brand and reducing your workload.
  18. For access to your community, courses, digital downloads, groups, and more, you can charge subscriptions or one-time charges. To sell access to your classes or community, use LearnDash, WooCommerce, or any other free or paid membership plugin.
  19. Charge members in a recurring manner to generate revenue on a regular basis. Create a membership for users to gain access to special content. Subscriptions and memberships can be enabled using any eCommerce or membership plugin.
  20. BuddyBoss works smoothly with WooCommerce, the most popular WordPress e-commerce plugin. The BuddyBoss Theme has a built-in style that makes WooCommerce appear fantastic.
  21. Sell access to your content and/or community as a one-time purchase.
  22. Empower your team to achieve common goals while earning points, badges, prizes, ranks, diplomas, and accomplishments. Give your employees a sense of control, mastery, purpose, and advancement.(buddy boss platform pro free download )

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Free Download-BuddyBoss Platform 1.8.5, Pro Theme!
Free Download-BuddyBoss Platform theme

Here Know What’s The New in BuddyBoss Platform Pro v2.1.3 BuddyBoss Theme 2.1.1 [Changelog]

  • Moderation Provided members option to report other members
  • Moderation Improvements to the moderation module settings categories and reports in the Dashboard
  • Core Icon Pack updated with the latest icons
  • REST API Provided Report member option API support
  • REST API Handled blogs Report comment endpoint issues in the API
  • Forums handled forum discussion and reply right click and paste action issue adds duplicate copies from the clipboard
  • activity handled activity comment not showing attachment issue when read more is clicked
  • activity handled a broken preview issue when adding a new line with the link
  • activity handled preview issues for URL shortener sites
  • profiles handled course tab not working issue for non-English language slug
  • profiles handled profile type and social link profile fields value not showing issue in the profile
  • core icon pack updated with the latest icons
  • core code refactoring by using transients to optimize the check updates logic for the plugin
  • rest API handled invalid API responses for report content categories with special characters
  • elementor handled view template not taking to the right page issue
  • wpml handled a bunch of languages compatibility issues
  • Notifications – Handled notification content backslash issue for specific special characters
  • Notifications – Handled notification count issue after marking notifications read
  • Profiles – Handled profile completion widget, profile photo status logic with gravatar
  • Emails – Handled new member confirmation email not working issue in multisite
  • Emails – Handled password change email notification not working issue when updated in the admin dashboard
  • Core – Small improvement in @mention logic when searching for members with a common username and first name
  • Core – Icon Pack updated with latest icons
  • REST API – Handled group organizer permission issue in the API for performing actions on discussion replies in forums
  • REST API – Handled group member’s endpoint missing ‘Block’ status issue in the API
  • LearnDash – Handled LearnDash shortcode [ld_registration] registration conflict
  • Core – Small improvements to plugin updates logic by reducing the number of requests to check updates
  • Forums – Handled [ld-profile] shortcode expand/collapse not working issue
  • Forums – Handled Forum activity widget ‘View discussion’ button UI issue
  • Activity – Improved link preview and embeds layout and styling
  • Core – Small improvements to plugin updates logic by reducing the number of requests to check updates
  • Elementor – Handled maintenance mode not working issue for non-logged-in users
  • Compatibility – Handled conflict with TranslatePress on language switcher not working in the menu
  • Compatibility – Handled ‘Paid Memberships Pro’ shortcode PHP notices
  • Core – Icon Pack updated with latest icons
  • Events Calendar Pro – Handled calendar screen button wrong color issue
  • Zoom – Handled add meeting/webinar performance issues by processing notifications and emails in the background
  • File Changes: buddy boss-platform-pro.php
  • class-bb-platform-pro.php
  • includes/integrations/zoom/bp-zoom-group-functions.php
  • languages/buddy boss-pro.pot
  • package.json
  • Zoom – Updated Zoom Client WebSDK to 2.4.0
    Coding Standards – Code refactoring to support different notification types for custom development
  • Notifications – Added OneSignal integration option to enable Web Push Notifications
  • Notifications – Provided options to configure Web Push Notifications using OneSignal
  • Notifications – Provided option in Notifications screen and provided a soft prompt to subscribe browser to Push Notifications
  • Notifications – Added support to trigger real-time Push notifications for logged-in users for all notification types
  • Coding Standards – Sub-navigation CSS Code refactoring
  • Notifications – Added icon support for notification avatar based on the notification type
  • Profiles – Handled members profile takes to wrong recipient issue when clicking on send message
  • Forums – Handled @mention dropdown not showing an issue for Forum discussion and reply editor
  • Forums – Handled profile subscription tab members profile link issue
  • Activity – Handled activity comment empty content validation issue
  • Activity – Handled activity comment enter new line lag UX issue
  • Activity – Handled hidden gif issue on reading more click
  • Activity – Handled read more not working issue for specific server
  • Activity – Handled documents performance issues when symlink disabled
  • Activity – Handled gif deletion issue when post edited
  • Media – Handled temporary junk files issue on the server when the folder downloaded
  • Messages – Handled multiple-member thread, all members not showing the issue
  • Moderation – Handled critical issue on block user action when connection component is disabled
  • Network Search – Handled discussion search issue when media attached
  • Registration – Handled small UI issues
  • BuddyPanel – Handled small UI issues when BuddyPanel was disabled and group type shortcode added
  • BuddyPanel – Handled ‘my group’ menu wrong link issue
  • Coding Standards – Code refactoring to update all icon images with a new icon pack in the dashboard
  • Coding Standards – Small code refactoring to fix hook and added icon CSS file version query string
  • REST API – Handled activity comment empty content validation issue in the API
  • REST API – Handled member-type issues for certain members in the API
  • REST API – Handled hidden group activity media privacy issue
  • REST API – Handled block member action critical issue when connections component disabled in the API
  • REST API – Handled activity end-point media issue in the response
  • File Changes:newsrc/bp-core/images/notification-50.png
  • newsrc/bp-core/images/notification.png
  • src/bp-document/bp-document-filters.php
  • src/bp-document/bp-document-functions.php
  • src/bp-document/classes/class-bp-rest-document-endpoint.php
  • src/bp-document/classes/class-bp-rest-document-folder-endpoint.php
  • src/bp-forums/classes/class-bp-forums-notification.php
  • src/bp-forums/members.php
  • src/readme.txt
  • Profiles – Fixed change password critical issue
  • Forums – Fixed issue with discussion tags not getting saved on update
  • Activity – Fixed forum discussion activity > quick reply > upload media access control issue
  • buddy boss plugin

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BuddyBoss Platform Pro v2.1.3 BuddyBoss Theme 2.1.1 Nulled [Activated] Free Download Here.


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Download BuddyBoss Theme v2.1.1


Download BuddyBoss Child Theme.


Download BuddyBoss App.


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