Beehive Pro v3.4.3 Analytics Dashboard & reports [Download]

About the Beehive Pro v3.4.3, Google Analytics Dashboard Customizable & reports WordPress Plugin.

Beehive Pro v3.4.3 Plugin is the best Analytics provider. simply turns on the full power of website analytics, customizable Google Analytics dashboards, statistics, and reports for WordPress and Multisite.

With the Beehive Pro plugin, you can quickly and easily add Google Analytics statistics, graphs, and user metrics to your WordPress sites. and analyze real-time data. [Beehive Pro free download]

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Beehive Pro free download
Beehive Pro free download

All Features: Beehive Pro Google Analytics Dashboard.

  1. Personal Data Tracking
  2. The Ultimate WordPress Reporting
  3. Track An Entire Multisite Network
  4. Use Google Display Advertising for additional demographic and interest reports
  5. Analytics Overview Widget
  6. User Roles Permissions Capabilities
  7. EasyConnect Wizard
  8. Customizable Statistics Dashboard
  9. Your Page Post Analytical Breakdown
  10. Google Analytics 4 API
  11. Demographic and interest reports
  12. Google Analytics reports
  13. Google Tag Manager
  14. Easy connection wizard
  15. Connect via tracking ID
  16. Create a custom API Project
  17. Pulled from Google Analytics
  18. Set viewing time period
  19. Real-time stats and breakdowns
  20. Sessions users and page views
  21. Average time on page and bounce rate
  22. Track medium social networks and search engines
  23. View top pages posts and countries
  24. Track multisite analytics
  25. WordPress dashboard analytics widget
  26. Limit capabilities

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Beehive Pro free download
Beehive Pro free download

Beehive Pro v3.4.3 Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin [Changelog]

  • Enhance Minor performance improvements
  • Enhance and Remove unused notices
  • Enhance Migrate Google OAuth
  • Enhance Membership status check
  • Enhance Performance improvements on Google Analytics API requests
  • Enhance Replace Google fonts with Bunny fonts for GDPR compliance
  • Enhance Update Shared UI
  • Fix the Wrong value for GTM variables
  • Fix Unable to fetch users in permission settings
  • Fix GA4 streams that are missing when there are more than 50 items
  • Fix Transients are slowing down the Dashboard
  • New Google Analytics 4 statistics tracking
  • Enhance Upgrade GA APIs
  • Enhance Performance improvements
  • Enhance WordPress 60 compatibility
  • Enhance Update submodules
  • Enhance Notice styles
  • Fix GuzzleHttp conflict
  • Enhance PHP 80 compatibility
  • Enhance Update libraries
  • Enhance Update SUI
  • Fix Composer autoload conflicts
  • Fix Unable to dismiss tutorials widget
  • Fix Conflict with Google Listings and Ads plugin
  • Enhance White label support
  • Enhance Permission checks
  • Enhance and Remove unused UI elements
  • Enhance Performance improvements
  • Enhance and Update external libraries
  • Enhance WP 58 support
  • Fix Subdirectory subsite post statistics are empty
  • Fix Invalid API credentials are being used on multisite
  • Enhance Update links to wpmudevcom
  • Fix Tutorials are not loading
  • Fix Submodule is not initialized
  • New real-time visitors statistics
  • Enhance and Improve White label support
  • Enhance Hide irrelevant settings in the network admin
  • Enhance Improvements in Exclude Roles settings
  • Enhance and Improve GTM container ID validation
  • Fix the Scroll bar is hidden after closing the onboarding modal
  • Fix the Wrong redirect URL after Google authentication
  • Fix Menu item is missing in mobile
  • Fix Ajax form submits are not triggering GTM events
  • New Tutorials section
  • New Disable tracking based on user roles
  • New Ability to add-remove statistics meta box support for post types
  • New Statistics menu position settings
  • Enhance and Improve white-label support
  • Fix Dashboard Widget is hidden from admin users
  • Fix Active tab contents are not visible in Dashboard Widget
  • New Option to reset plugin settings data
  • New Option to cleanup plugin settings and data on uninstall
  • Enhance Move statistics pages to Beehive main menu
  • Enhance Update to the latest SUI
  • Enhance Show refresh statistics button only on statistics pages
  • Enhance Remove restricted links when the user doesn’t have permission
  • Fix the Empty dashboard widget when the user doesn’t have permission
  • New GA4 measurement ID support
  • Enhance Improvements in GTM integrations
  • Enhance Remove links from comments
  • Enhance Remove unused settings from the onboarding modal
  • Fix Search is not working in the onboarding modal profile selector
  • Fix Can’t scroll after onboarding is closed
  • Fix In some setup onboarding modal is showing even after closing it
  • Fix Beehive logo is not hidden when the White label feature is enabled
  • Fix Comparison graph is not showing on the first-period change
  • Fix Permission settings are broken after the upgrade
  • Fix Fatal errors after the upgrade
  • Fix Security Vulnerability
  • New Show redirect URIs for the Google API project
  • Enhance Improvements in permissions UI
  • Enhance Show notice when subsites can view statistics without authentication
  • Enhance Show notice when duplicate GTM Container ID is being used network
  • Fix Mobile navigation is hidden
  • Fix Fatal error when upgrading from v328
  • Fix Analytics reports are not visible to the shop manager when enabled
  • Fix Placeholder text is not visible
  • Improve Small fixes and improvements
  • New Google Tag Manager integration
  • New Accounts page to manage authentication to different services
  • New Separate page for Google Analytics settings
  • Improve Onboarding modal
  • Improve Performance in the dashboard widget
  • Improve Cleanup unwanted services from Google library
  • Fix API client failure on old PHP versions PHP v5
  • Improve API keys load balancing to avoid request limit issues
  • Improve Store authentication client id in the database
  • Improve The original admin who installed Beehive can’t be denied the settings access
  • Improve Show Google login and tracking ID status notice on the settings page
  • Fix Manual tracking ID is being used when automatic detection is enabled
  • Fix Network URL is used for authentication redirect if the plugin is not activated networkwide
  • Fix Composer autoload conflict with Updraft
  • Fix Conflict with Google Site Kit
  • Fix Log texts are hidden in the Dashboard summary box
  • Fix Broken pages when the site is using a different locale
  • Improve Update Google lib to v270
  • Fix the Blank page after the update
  • New Ability to control who can manage Beehive settings
  • New Welcome modal to highlight important changes
  • Improve Prefix vendor libraries to avoid composer conflicts
  • Improve Combine chart tooltips when the comparison is used
  • Fix Conflicts with other plugins using Guzzle PHP lib
  • Fix Using net worksite URL only when Beehive is not networkwide active
  • Fix Wrong Client ID and Client Secret check on subsites
  • New Add dashboard page
  • New Statistics page using SUI
  • New Statistics widget using SUI
  • New White labeling support
  • New Ability to clear statistics cache from plugin settings
  • New Rest endpoints for statistics and settings
  • New filters for domain mapping support
  • Improve UX to connect with Google
  • Improve Use ChartJS for all charts except Geo Chart
  • Improve Caching transient usage
  • Improve the Store plugin version in subsites for the upgrade process
  • Improve Merge reports and permission settings
  • Fix Domain mapping support. [Beehive Pro Nulled]

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Beehive Pro v3.4.3 Google Analytics Dashboard Customizable & reports Plugin Free Download Here.


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